Make a statement

Whenever I want to add a “pop of color” to my minimalistic looks my go to color is “purple suede” or “orchid nubuck” if you will. This color is the perfect combination of edge and femininity. I look forward to showing you guys how I style pieces of this color in the spring.

Details listed from left to right

Steve Madden “Tasssal” lace-up sandal

Essie professional Bahama mama nail polish

Gucci Soho leather mini shoulder bag

Dolce Vita “Hazely” lace-up heel

Yves Saint Laurent monogram credit card case

Steve Madden women’s Slithur dress heels

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Rouge Volupte Shine

Drink water & mind your business today.

We’ve all heard it several times before that drinking water is undeniably great for your overall health. It is an essential nutrient that sometimes goes overlooked when considering key components that benefit your well-being. I consider good old H2O a key beauty component because when water is ingested daily it promotes hair growth, stronger nails, and acne prevention.

As part of my lifestyle change, I’m committing myself to drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, that’s three whole bottles of Deer Park spring water. This Ball Mason jar is my favorite glass to drink out of because I like being able to see what I’m drinking, also it looks super cute when you add your choice of fruit to your drink. Adding fruit to your water can really compensate for lack of flavor and its a good way to incorporate antioxidants and vitamin C to your diet. If you’re one of those people who dislikes the taste (or lack there of) of water try adding some fresh strawberries, blackberries, or oranges to the mixture.

Stay beautiful, Keionna…xo